General Services

Remaining Flexible
It would be hard to name an industry in which we do not have experience. It also would be hard to find a project either too large or too small for Pilkington, whether it's an office, remodeling a job or a multi-million dollar building project.
And although Yuma is our home, we are not afraid to travel. We have worked on projects across the western half of Arizona, as well as El Centro, Ontario and other communities in California.
Full Range of Services
Big-city contractors can specialize in one industry or area of expertise. To succeed in Yuma, we need to be able to offer each customer all of the services they need. And that is exactly what we do.
We have the expertise to manage your project from site selection to planting the final tree in the landscape. Our designers, engineers, construction managers and the site planner will sit down with you to learn exactly what you want -- then turn your dreams into reality. We have been in Yuma long enough to understand how to cut through red tape and keep your project moving forward.
Design-Build Alternative
If you know exactly what you want in a building, that's great. We will take your plans and build them with the quality workmanship you expect. Today, the majority of our business is in hard-bid, bonded work.
But if you are not quite sure, we offer a design-build approach that puts your project on the fast track. We create a special design team that includes you, the architect, engineers and our experts. We make sure your budget and schedule stay on track, and the design-build team keeps an eye open for options that will save both time and money.
And if you are really in a hurry, we offer a time-saving alternative through our partner relationships that can drastically reduce design and construction time. How? By doing more than one thing at a time.
We apply for foundation permits while working drawings are being finalized. Steel is erected while you are making final decisions about interiors. Our project management and field personnel meet at least once a day, along with weekly project monitoring by each design team member. By being proactive we can identify and eliminate potential problems -- before they become problems.
Regardless of which approach you choose, we have a reputation for bringing every project in on time -- and more often than not, completing early.