About Us

A Proud Past

Our founder and past president, Jim Pilkington, cannot remember a time when he wasn't involved in the construction industry. He started out in his native Longmont, Colorado, as a framing subcontractor and remodeling contractor before moving to Casper, Wyoming, in 1972. He spent a decade in Casper where he worked as a general contractor and met his former wife, Cathy.
In 1985, Jim and Cathy moved to Yuma to start Pilkington Construction. His, brother Chris, soon joinig the company. In 2007 Jim and Cathy decided it was to move on to other ventures and in no way wanted this construction company to diminish in any fashion. It was then that Leo and his wife Tammy were approached by Jim and Cathy to look at the possibility of taking over this very successful construction company.
Leo and Tammy have owned and operated their own construction company since 1980 in Longmont, Colorado specializing in commercial and residential construction. With the down turn in construction in the Longmont area and Leo and Tammy's two children off to college, they felt this would be a good opportunity to move back to the state where Tammy was born. With this unanimous decision between the Pilkington's the transition was set into place to move the company to Pilkington Commercial Co., Inc. with Tammy as President/CEO, Leo as Vice-President/COO/Secretary and Chris as Vice-President/Treasurer.
With over 20 employees the Pilkington family continues to grow.

Quality First

It is impossible to succeed in our area without repeat business. Our customers come back time and again for one simple reason -- the uncompromising quality of our work. We hire only the best subcontractors and make sure things are done right the first time.

The Personal Touch

Although construction is our trade, we consider ourselves communicators
by profession. The biggest mistake many builders make is not
communicating regularly and openly with their customers. Being up front
about what is going right -- or what is going wrong -- can solve most
problems before they happen.
Our commitment is to build each relationship with respect, trust and
honestly. This sets us apart from many builders and is one big reason why we have served so many fine organizations and companies.
We are proud of our customers, our workers and our success. But most of all, we are proud of the Pilkington name and will never do anything to jeopardize our reputation.